Monday, February 9, 2015

Snow Day

We had SNOWFUN yesterday! Cousins came over for a sledding party. Nothing like a cardboard boat covered in duck tape and pulled behind the Ranger!
Gracyn and cousin Tucker
 The adults had fun too being pulled and purposely dumped! :) :)

Today Asa had a snow day, it is the 3rd snow day in 3 weeks!

Asa helping Grampy run the snowblower

Thursday, January 29, 2015

January Hibernation

I feel like the bear from "Bear Snores On" by Karma Wilson and Jane Chapman. I want to stay in bed because it is too cold outside, I want to hibernate in the house! Anything below 15 degrees is just crazy and average highs for the past 2 weeks have been mostly this! Though the days are getting longer and the sun just a little bit brighter in the sky, there is hope that Spring isn't too far away! I'm not blogging much because I'm frozen in Northern New England... We did not have the massive snow that hit the coast but it would of been fun to play in :) :) We only have about 6 inches on the ground. Looking forward to February, one month closer to Spring...

Friday, January 9, 2015

Quote of the Day

I'm not blogging as much as I'd like! But I do religiously read the blogs I follow :) Kelle Hampton at Enjoying the Small Things made me cry today, but it was a warm fuzzy cry and this is the paragraph that got me, and it got me good. She hit the nail on the head and smashed the ball out of the ballpark. Inspiring words... Kelle is an amazing writer and mom, her daughter Nella happens to have extra good stuff just like Super Ace :)

"I can’t make everything better for Nella, I can’t magically change the way her brain works or fix her muscle tone or promise that she won’t have moments of feeling different from others in life. But I can do my part in making the world a kinder place for her to thrive—for all my kids to thrive. “It’s like this,” I told my friend Annie the other day, “With all the world’s sorrow and problems and heartache and hatred, it can feel so overwhelming sometimes to think that we can do anything to fix it. But if someone came and told me there was one thing I could do that was guaranteed to fix it—no matter how small that fix was and no matter how silly the task assigned was, I’d do it. If someone handed me a wrench and promised me that if I turned that wrench to the right every day, it would help make Nella feel more accepted and capable and valued, I’d turn that damn wrench right, every moment of every day until I died.” 

Bravo Kelle, well said... I ditto that wrench...

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Yankee Christmas 2014 and a New Family Member

We had our annual family Christmas on my mother's side dubbed "Yankee Christmas" this past weekend. Santa makes a visit with a sack full of toys for all the wonderful little girls and boys.I have 3 uncles and 2 aunts, meaning my grandparents had a natural Brady Bunch, equaling a VERY LARGE extended family to date. This gathering includes 4 generations and a traditional reading of "What Christmas Means To Me". This is a short or however long you'd like writing by the family member who's next on the generation timeline. Many have the tissues handy cause it's usually heartfelt and a tear jerker! Last Sunday completed the 3rd generation of readings and hopefully next year the 1st of the 4th generation (my 2nd cousin Logan) will continue the tradition.
Yankee Christmas reading by Camden

Asa and Gracyn looking for reindeer with grampy

see the binoculars :)

Santa's arrival

Santa asking Asa if he's been a good boy...

He said "Yes"

Gracyn was last to be called by Santa and he was so desperate to tell him he "sawd" reindeer tracks out the window! AND he "sawd" him at Home Depot too! :) :)

We also have a new family member - his name is Ranger and he is 9 weeks old. He is a Cane Corso "aka" Italian Mastiff.

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