Thursday, October 31, 2013

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

How about them pumpkins

Or how about this temp, the coldest morning yet this season. BRRRRR...

Gracyn's Pumpkin

Asa's Pumpkin
I strung an orange strand of lights between the two and stuffed it inside of each. The light is on all the time so no worrying about blowing out candles or turning them off and on. I do miss the burnt pumpkin lid smell though.

Friday, October 25, 2013

Punpkin carving

Here are a couple pics of pumpkin carving, or as Gracyn calls it - puchins. I forgot to take a pic of them done and lit but I will and post it later. Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

To the family we haven't met - yet...

I recently was asked by our pediatrician (who is absolutely awesome, love her) if it would be okay if she gave our name to a new family of a baby that was born with Down syndrome that’s in her practice. She said they are not ready to make “contact” yet, they are not at that point, it was a surprise diagnosis and everything is fresh and new. I immediately burst into tears, one reason was because, OH, do I remember that feeling and second because I was honored she asked us. I told her about the blog and the reason why I started it was to reach out to new families that weren’t quite ready yet and to help them know that it would be okay. To look at our pictures and see that we are just like any other family; life is what you make it. I gave her the blog address, a copy of Our Super Hero Life essay and my email.

Doc emailed me last night and said that she had met with the family and they still weren’t ready yet, but they did want to look at our blog and this is where the guilt set in. I haven’t been quite on top of the whole “blog inspiring new parents thing”. Yes I write about our day’s ins and outs but don’t really write much about Down syndrome. The number one reason why I don’t is because it isn’t the biggest part of our life. It actually is minimal, really… Yes, Asa was born with Down syndrome and I’ve said this time and time again - Down syndrome doesn’t make Asa who he is, Asa makes him who he is. He’s an individually who happened to be born with Down syndrome.

 So, to the family we haven’t met – yet, I want you to know that it will be okay. Everyday will get a little easier; you will fall head over heels in love with your little bean if you haven’t already! Yes, it is hard, there is anger and anguish, but there is love, hope and dreams. You don’t have to throw away the dreams you had before your nugget was born. They will still accomplish so many things and you will be SO PROUD. I remember the day we got Asa’s diagnosis and I called my Dad. He said, “Don’t you give up on him” the thought had never crossed my mind, but those were fighting words to me because I told my Dad it only means we fight harder. Though the fight has its ups and downs, that’s how life rolls for anyone. As time passed and we “evolved” rocking my sweet baby to sleep I started to thank God for giving me such a precious gift, that he had enough faith in me to do this, to raise this child who is so special. I still thank God for Asa; I am SO SO PROUD of him. There are no words to describe how important Asa’s presence is in our lives and everyone he knows and meets. We recently did the Buddy Walk and Asa’s school aide and her family came. One of her daughters said this "You know Mom, you say that Asa is lucky to have his friends/class at school but they are really lucky to have him, they will always be a special class because Asa is in it and they will have him as a friend". She said it better than I ever could…

 In closing, please know that you are not alone and what you are feeling is normal. This is a new beginning of something that is wonderfully full, satisfying and magical. Even better than a Snicker’s bar when you are really hungry  :-) Time heals everything and it truly goes by way too fast. Enjoy your baby, hold them close and breath them in, hold their little hand and rub those tiny fingers because before you know it they will be climbing on a school bus blowing you a kiss goodbye and leaving you behind…

We share in your journey; we’re here if and when you need us. Don’t wish it away, embrace it and love with all you can give because you will certainly get it in return…

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Hot Surprises and New Specs

We were driving home the other day and spotted a cool surprise rounding our way a bout the interstates to home. Yes, I was taking pictures while I was driving but the boys were awestruck by the balloon and not seeing Mommy doing a bad thing :) It was super close, descending and ascending above the River.

Amazing how the same photo looks totally different cropped - thanks Photoshop!

Getting off the interstate, this was a tough shot, but it was SO CLOSE.

New specs. Asa's new glasses with new prescription. He is definitely seeing better. He'll look at certain things and say "Mom, look at that." The frame is the same size as his old ones but slightly different style with bigger lens which is nice that he can't look around them as much as his old pair.
We are getting ready for Halloween, OMG are the boys excited. I don't know if they are going to be able to contain themselves. Pumpkin Carving (with pics) tonight or tomorrow, we'll see how Mr. Picky Gracyn handles the slime.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Much belated Birthday Post

This is a much belated birthday post for a little boy who turned 2 on Monday, even though he says he's 4 when you ask him how old he is!

We had dinner with family and Grammy and Grampy gave Gracyn BIG HUG ELMO. I must say he's pretty fun, you hug him, he hugs you back, you lay him on his back he sings a bedtime song and then starts to snore!

Gracyn you are growing up SO FAST and learning so much. Happy Birthday you big 2 year old...

Monday, October 7, 2013

Buddy Walk 2013!

The Buddy Walk was a success though it was a little drizzly. The heaviest rain held off until the events were over.

Photographer Asa took this pic! Morgie, Ki-Ki, and Tucker. He also took some pics of Grammy and Grampy that were perfect! Other then being taken at a 3foot perspective they weren't a very flattering up shot so I didn't post. You're welcome Ma :))

Asa's school aid, family and friends came!

His Balloon creation is suppose to be a clown... One little girl said it looked like a hermit crab - LOL Though the Balloon Guys were very nice!

The Team Asa Fan Club :))

Friday, October 4, 2013

Eye Doctor's and Falloween

It's been kind of a tough week. A transitioning time, and I'm not that great with change. Gracyn will turn 2 in a little over a week and I'm not ready for my baby to be an official toddler yet. He will be moving up a room at Daycare which is totally great for him but kind of a stresser for mommy! One of the requirements is to start potty training. I know this is not the norm at most daycares but apparently it is at our current one. I even went to lengths of checking out another daycare but Gray is in a good place and I will just need to suck it up...

There were a couple things that happened at school with Asa that irked me a little too this week. The biggest one was I had to drop stuff off yesterday morning for Ace at school. He had already arrived via the bus/van (he gets there at 7:30). After dropping the stuff off to his classroom Gracyn and I went looking for Asa out on the playground. We walked around the corner of the school and there was Asa, sitting on the sidewalk all by himself playing with sidewalk chalk while all the other kids were running around and playing with each other. My heart hit the ground when I saw him and I had to hold back the tears. We went over to him and he was ecstatic to see us. He stood up and I noticed how dirty he was and wet from the dew all over the morning grass and play structures. I know little boys get dirty but he had only been there 20 minutes! And he hadn't even been to class yet. There was a teacher right there with him, but it made me pissy because I make sure he looks cute and clean before he leaves the house every morning and he hadn't even made it 2/10's of the day... I know I'm over reacting but on the other hand I work hard and worry over his appearance constantly, it's important to me. Rant over and sorry Miss Patricia if you are reading this, I know Asa likes to be out on the playground in the morning :) He always has extra clothes in his backpack...
Update: I must of had PMS when I wrote this, actually I know I did. I KNOW Asa has TONS of friends. They actually fight over who's going to sit next to him in circle. There are so many kids that know him at school that when they say "Hi" I don't know who they are, but he does! Pardon my pissy rant, honesty can be kind of ugly sometimes (and I sure was :))

Onward, eye appointment. After a fight to dilate Asa's eyes, I think we got too many drops in. His eyes were dilated for 2 days. This is him in the car after his appointment with Mommy's sunglasses on.
Gracyn and Asa helped Grampy split wood last weekend.
And our Happy Falloween decorations

Lastly, what makes it all better... Gracyn at Daycare yesterday, he really does like where he's at.
TGIF and the Buddy Walk is Sunday. Though it is suppose rain, we'll make the most of it!

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