Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Tuesday, February 18, 2014


We went to camp! For weeks Asa has been begging to go to "Camp". Up until now there hadn't been enough snow to go to camp. This time of year the ONLY way to get to camp is by snowmobile. We were going to go Saturday and spend the night, but because of the snow storm Friday there was too much snow! We had to wait for the groomer to go through and pack the trail enough so that the we wouldn't get stuck in the mounds of snow on snowmobiles. I had yesterday off so the boys and I decided to go with Grammy and Grampy Sunday and spend the night.
 Waiting for the wood stove to warm up! Too cold to get undressed until it cranks out some heat...

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The tablet got a workout considering no TV, electricity or even cell service. Good thing we've got lots of apps!

Free Entertainment, wrestling with Derrick

 Blues Brothers...

View out Camp window
More snow today, 3"- 5"...

Friday, February 14, 2014

Snow Bound

But we made it out thanks to Bumpa! It snowed easily 14" possibly 16", I should of measured... It is up to my knees and I'm 5'4"! We'll have fun playing in it this weekend!
This is even after shoveling about 8" last night!

Hot Tub, wouldn't guess it's 102 degrees inside!

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Here we go again

NH to see more snow Thursday evening

The dilemma, to do Valentine's or not to do Valentine's that is the question. If we do up our 16 Valentine's for Asa's party at school on Friday and then School is cancelled will they still have their party after February Vacation? I imagine they will still do a party so we'll do the deed just in case... I am actually looking forward to more snow, it isn't going to be around much longer so we'll enjoy it before it melts away :)

Tuesday, February 11, 2014



A few mornings a week I see a young man with Down syndrome waiting for the bus out in front of the bookstore on my long-ish walk from the parking garage to my office. This morning on my drive I saw him walking with another young-ish guy who I'm guessing assists him. This morning's temp is -2, instantly I notice he wasn't wearing a hat, a lightweight coat and no gloves, but carrying a travel mug so I assume it had warm coffee or something in it (how I noticed no gloves).... The guy with him was only wearing a hoodie so I imagine he was a lot colder... I felt horrible, he really should of been dressed for the weather, both of them...

I park my car, bundle up with my heavy duty ski gloves, scarf wrapped around my face, fleece lined hat and start my trek up-street. As I make my way closer to the bookstore I see the two guys standing waiting for the bus. My heart breaks, by this point the caretaker has his hands in the pouch pocket of his hoodie and the young man has his hands pulled up into his jacket still clinging to his travel mug. I get closer and I want to take my scarf off and wrap it around him, take my gloves off and put them on his hands. I debate this to my core... I'm sick with anguish, do I? What should I do? I think, will the caretaker get pissed if I do this, like he's not taking care of him (well duh) I get to the young man and he is shivering, cheeks bright red and he looks me straight in the eye. Deep brown eyes, almond shaped eyes, they talk to me but I can't answer, what do I do!? I'm a coward, I kept walking. I keep wanting to turn around, do I? I don't and tears well up in my eyes and I think I'm going to start sobbing... I catch it in my throat and try to save face. I feel horrible, ashamed, I should of protected him. I feel so horrible I want to go find him, but I know he's already on his bus going where he needs go and finally warm. His hands must hurt by now from being so cold, and his cheeks are on fire from exposure. Now, I am haunted by his eyes and I should of stopped and just asked if maybe he wanted my gloves? Was he okay? Did he want to wait in the bookstore until his bus came? I wish I could apologize, say I'm sorry that I didn't do what my heart wanted and my body couldn't execute. I'm sorry beautiful brown eyed stranger, I should of done better....

What would of you done??

Monday, February 10, 2014

Anniversary Weekend "Night" Away

I did not take many photos (above is from their website), we were away for a mere 24 hours, but it was a nice break. We stayed at the Green Mountain Inn in Stowe and had massages at the Village Spa.
Relaxation, plus good food = Refreshing.
Outdoor Heated Pool, didn't attempt it...

After dinner drinks in front of the fire.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Snow Day!

But life goes on and I still have to get to work!
and these two get a Grammy Day!

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Bring it...

Actually looking forward to a little snow, it's still winter and it's currently not below zero so bring it on Mother Nature!

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