Thursday, December 29, 2011

Christmas 2011

Christmas Eve we had our families over for dinner, it was a nice festive evening. That day I decided to dig the Jumperoo out, Mr. G LOVES it!

And most of the time he ends up like this...

 Miss Rosie held still for a split second for a pic. Her ears are a lot more floppy then they look here, she's trying out her pitbull pose.
 Our Tree, I am quite satisified with our tree this year. You know how you have the years when you just want to say "blahk" at your tree. Yes, I know it was the 6th or 8th one I had decided on at the Christmas Tree Farm, but that's beside the point...

Christmas #2 at Mamie and Bampie's House Christmas Morning.

Mom/Mamie you look pretty good here, love the village in the backdrop. Aren't you glad you put it up? 

 Buddy (my grandfather who all the grandchildren call Buddy), Betty, Ashleigh and Mamie watching the antics of Mr. Asa

Bampie and Gracyn, I love how you love to cuddle Dad!

Crazy Ace, he was a hoot this year! and he had double the presents to open because he got to open his brother's too.

Asa opening his Zurg ball gun, thanks Jen! This thing really shoot them too! Ace says "OH" after every shot.

 He was excited for every gift. It was awesome.

Miss Vermont 2024 in the far background

Bri got a chainsaw, please use it wisely dear...

Here are some phone pics.
X-mas morning Ace and his tractor from Santa, I have a video I need to post too.

Mamie and Bampie gave Asa a InnoTab, he really does a good job with it. Here he is hard at work in the car on our way to our 3rd Christmas...

Gracyn enjoying Nana and Bumpa's house Christmas #3 (Brian's parents)

We ended with Christmas #4 at my Grandmother's late afternoon on Christmas Day, but I was way too tired to take any pics then.

Lastly, this I took last night. Asa and Gracyn watching Baby Signing Time. I caught a smile on Gracyn's face watching Hopkins.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Hidden Angels: American Families Saving Children With Down Syndrome

PHOTO: Children with Down syndrome in Ukraine are often abandoned at birth, deemed worthless by a struggling society that praises appearances.
Reeces's Rainbow and the Cox Family were on ABC World News last night with Diane Sawyer. Please click on Hidden Angels link below to watch and read about the Cox's adoption journey of little Mia.

Reece's Rainbow's website got so much traffic after this aired it crashed for a little while, but do go and see all the beautiful children waiting for their forever Mommy and Daddy to come and rescue them from a life of despair or death. I was a Christmas Warrior last year for a little girl named Sandra (pictured below) and a little boy named Evan you can read about them in my post A Christmas to Remember. My mom and sister Jenna each donated to Sandra's adoption fund and I received 2 ornaments with her beautiful face on them. I fell in love with her picture, it spoke to me and we shared the same birthday of June 22. Much to my surprise and utter heartbreak I found out through a friend's blog last January that she had died. Her health was listed as good on her adoption page, I wonder what happened to her and am extremely saddened that she was not saved in time. All the children on Reece's Rainbow figuratively wear a ticking time clock around their necks. As depicted in the ABC story you will see what their lives are like and most likely hold if they do not find families in time....

Rest in Peace Sweet Girl :(

Friday, December 23, 2011

Wednesday, December 21, 2011



TROUBLE!!! I mean Rosie....

Yes, we have a new puppy. She is an Olde English Bulldogge who was a Christmas Gift from Brian's Aunt and Uncle a SURPRISE Christmas Gift.... She is 12 weeeks old, 2 weeks older then Gracyn - we now have 2 infants... It's nice to have another girl in the house other then myself, she now has a pink color and may sport some painted toe nails in the future - LOL

She is cute (when she's not getting into trouble) though :)

Monday, December 19, 2011

Yankee Christmas 2011

It has been crazy busy. When you work retail during the holidays they fly by in such fury that you never get a chance to enjoy them. Every year we have a "Yankee" Christmas with my mom's side of the family, better known as The Spauldings... We ate lots and enjoyed an afternoon. Santa made his annual appearance and all were exhausted by the end. There is over 60 when we all get together, Aunts, Uncles and lots of Cousins...  Here are some pics to share.

Bampie and Gracyn

Asa eating "again"..

Ace and Ash

Mamie, Gracyn, Bampie and Asa

Ditto with Derrick and Ashleigh

Derrick and Asa

Asa thanking Santa for his gift like 5 times.

Santa and Ashleigh

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