Thursday, February 28, 2013


of sand, sea, SUNSHINE and surf. It's raw, gray and gloomy for the last day of February.

Walking around this college town during lunch I hear people commenting on the "Spring" like weather. I want to shout "Are You Kidding Me?!" The "Spring Forward" time change in a week will be a welcomed friend, longer hours of daylight will be nice. Melting snow and mud I am actually looking forward to. Bring on the 5th season Northern New England - MUD!
Asa in March 2010, just finished renovating house and cutting mammoth and abundant pine trees out front, people joked calling our reno "Move Those Trees!" instead of "Move That Bus!"

One of my most favorite pics. I have it in BW hanging in our downstairs bathroom.

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Blue Ear, Iron Man team up to help children with hearing loss


The Blue Ear

The maker of Asa's hearing aid and Marvel Comics team up! Check out Anthony he's so darn cute!
Asa and his Blue Ear!

Monday, February 25, 2013

We got out!

and did something! It was nice to be outside in the fresh air and not so cold temps. Brian has a new toy and my cousin Eric got one too! We have a bunch of trails up behind our house. Some skid trails from logging and the snowmobile trail that hasn't seen many sleds this year. Lack of snow gives more reason for a 4-wheeled utility!
Ace rode with Eric

Gracyn loved it, there is a middle seat belt. He wouldn't even let me put my arm around him!

Scoping out our trail home. Recent logging trashed a trail the guys used for snowmobiling

Color amongst the barren white

It was a little snowy out but we still had fun. Loved being out in the woods with no particuliar place to go :)

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Cabin Fever!

This time every year I start to get really tired and depressed over the cold weather and being inside all the time. Yesterday was a tough one. I was home with the kids because daycare was closed for President's Day. The temp outside got to about 28 degrees by late afternoon but the wind was frigid. Asa kept begging to go outside but I knew Gracyn would be miserable. I held him off until 4:00 then threw his gear on him and sent him out the door. He honestly stayed out for 5 minutes and came back inside. I am so glad March is right around the corner and can't wait for Mother Nature to turn up the thermostat!

Thankfully they keep each other entertained :)
Boogey faces! Another thing I can't wait to be over!

Playhut Doghouse?

I have no idea what this face is...


Friday, February 15, 2013

Brotherly Love on Valentine's

So I haven't had my new camera out in over a month, I know shame on me but with my luck I'm afraid I'm going to break it bringing it places. The boys looked so cute in their red shirts yesterday that I couldn't resist having a little photo shoot. But of course I didn't realize when I first started taking pics that I was in movie mode so the flash never went off. Thanks to photoshop I could add some light but pics would of been much better if I was in the right mode!

Love thy Brother...

Okay, figured out! See how nice they look. This was right before Gracyn went face first off the ottoman...

"Okay Mom, thanks but we're really tired of this now..."

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Let's Go Monarchs!

So, with Winter Storm Nemo blowing through Saturday day through Saturday night in southern areas our x-mas gift to Brian's parents of tickets to the Manchester Monarchs (LA Kings farm team) AHL hockey game got cancelled and re-scheduled to Tuesday! We made it work since we invested some $$ in good tickets and my sister Jenna so graciously said she'd still take Gracyn overnight and get him fro and to daycare. Asa was scheduled to get his ear tubes re-done yesterday (more on that below) so being up late was okay. No, your eyes are not deceiving you. The ice is pink, the game was dedicated to Breast Cancer Survivors and the night was called Pink in the Rink. We like the Monarchs but they were also playing the Providence Bruins (Boston Bruins farm team). We had fun, late night though. They went into overtime and then a shoot out that went on for awhile...


Face-off for Monarchs

3 to 4 in 3rd period


Sudden death shoot out Monarchs

Shoot out Bruins
Asa had his ear tubes re-done yesterday. A year and 11 days since is last ones! They couldn't get him in until 2:00 yesterday afternoon so the poor kid didn't eat for 20 hours! I made my un-impressed voice heard. Next time I'm pretty sure they will do what they can to get him in first thing in the morning. The whole procedure went great and we killed two birds with one stone and got his annual labs done while he was out! His right ear (the one with hearing loss) they said was pretty yucky lots of wax and fluid and the tube had fallen out and was stuck in all of that junk... The left looked good, the tube also had fallen out but minimal scarring from the tube and they replace it. You can see the relief in his face and his mood is even better!

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