Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Our Southern Soul Mates!

This blogging world has brought so many new and wonderful friends! We are so lucky. One particular friend we've shared buddy mail with. In the cyber world it seems like they are so far away, but when you get something tangible it brings them closer to your heart. The Narretto's are from Louisiana and have a yearly ritual that is something we don't get to celebrate (well we can if we really want to) up here in the north - Mardi Gras! I have been lucky to travel with work and been able to walk the streets of the French Quarter in New Orleans (and drink a Hurricane or 3). Bourbon Street was something I had never imagined in my wildest dreams, or smelled... So when April emailed me and asked me if we'd take some Mardi Gras beads off her hands. I said ABSOLUTELY. They came in the mail the other day - THANK YOU!

Frankie even liked being the Grand King on Parade...

Our Vacation

A Picture Story...

Pudding Faces!

Friday, March 25, 2011

We're Back!

We're back from vacation. It was nice to thaw out in the Florida sun for a few days. Now back to 20 degrees and snow still on the ground. It's melting, but very sloooowly.

I only have the pics I took on my cell phone right now, haven't downloaded the camera yet. We had a great time even with some bumps along the road. First night we were in Hutchinson Island Mr. (I don't listen anymore) was running by the pool, tripped and fell smacking his face off the cement. His forehead hit first and then he skidded about 6 inches on his upper lip below his nose. Some nice road rash and egg that is finally going away. Then Sunday he came down with the puke bug that lasted through Tuesday (went to ice cream shop and the mere sight, I'll leave it at that). So, I caught a lot of puke for a couple of days. The most pleasant was at TGI Fridays, thank God we were sitting outside... My cousin Kiki got it early Wednesday morning and fought it the whole way home, it finally caught up with me yesterday morning. Feeling better today, we kicked it a lot faster then him.

Here we are at the beach.

The best friends soaking it up.

Sunday afternoon, not so good.

A little better Tuesday (until the ice cream).

We flew into Orlando, got killer deal on airfare, drove 2 hours to Hutchinson Island for 5 days and then went back up to Orlando for Monday and Tuesday. Stayed at Coco Key Water Resort, it was fun. Ace would of enjoyed it more if he were feeling better. Great water area for smaller kids.

Scored Mickey hat at one of the knock off shops on International Drive. Disney we just couldn't fathom with a 4 yr, 3 yr and 6 month old. That's another trip...

He lost a few pounds in the 3 days of only liquids and french fries.

Will post the rest soon...

Friday, March 11, 2011

Happy 32nd Birthday

To my handsome husband.

Loving Father

Life Partner

Happy Birthday to a very wonderful man I am so lucky to share my life with.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

In Like a Lion

They say March comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb. Well, Monday was proof the beginning of March weather is rather lioness. Northern VT and NH received over 2 feet of snow, average totals were 30". I am so glad we did not get this, but what we did get was rain, and lots of it. So much rain (on top of the mountains of snow we've already received this winter) that Sunday evening our basement floor drain was overflowing - into the house mind you. Our house is a split level raised ranch with our bedrooms on the lower level with bathroom, utility room and laundry. The overflow had made it into Asa's room and the bathroom, but our room was dry. We tore back carpet and sucked up what we could and went to Home Sleepo and bought a cap for the floor drain pipe. Bad News! If logic were working at this point we would of realized that this would force the water out in another place, how about every nook, cranny and hairline crack that damn water could find! We were floating, and all carpet is un-salvageable. The only dry spot is the laundry room because it is tiled (along with the bathroom, but that got the overflow coming out of the drain). So, for the moment the entire contents of our two bedrooms, utility room, storage area and closets is in my dining room. We've moved to higher ground in the spare bedroom upstairs, us in a not so full size bed and Ace on his mattress on the floor. Poor guy must of got confused in the middle of the night because Brian got up and found him sleeping on the rug out in the hall about 2 am. Never heard the little stinker open and close the door, but must of realized where he was and thought that was a comfy spot. We picked him up and put him back in his bed without even a eye opening. When he woke up in the morning I asked him "Why were you sleeping on the rug in the hall?" He had the most inquisitive look on his face and then said "Yeaah". Like "Yeah, I was sleeping on the rug in the hall wasn't I?"

On top of the rain, or rather, in addition to, there was ice probably about quarter of an inch. Then the wind starting blowing and with 2 carpet driers, 2 dehumidifiers and various fans running Mother Nature decided to throw another one at us. Yup, the power went out.... It was out for about 5 hours, but long enough to make you wonder whether it was coming back at all. Since we live in a pretty wooded area you could hear trees snapping as the wind was howling. Brian was heading out for a generator about the 2nd hour of no power, I happened to look out the window and cracked up, a tree came down across the far end of driveway - not huge, but too big to drive over. With the wind just roaring and freezing rain at vertical limits Brian attempted to move the tree with a strap tied to his truck (we don't have a chainsaw, whenever we need one we borrow my Dad's, but we were in a un-borrowed moment) and you guessed it, it didn't work and while his attempts failed another tree on the other side of the driveway snapped off and landed on the lawn. Pretty scary when you're only 100 feet away or so. At that moment I could hear the buckle of the strap smack the bed of his truck from the inside the house and read the various four letter words coming out of his mouth. But as the frustration rose to dangerous levels within 10 minutes we were saved by our good friends and cousins who showed up like knights in shining armor (that must of been the Budweiser can) with a chain saw, generator and 3 heaters.

Our power came back on about 6pm Monday night. The carpet is at the dump and we are waiting on the insurance adjuster to do their thing. More rain, snow and ice for Thursday and Friday and when I'm sitting on the beach a week from today this will all be a bad dream.

Asa's room

Our room with carpet torn out...

Friday, March 4, 2011

Just Say Ahhhhhh....

In just over a week and a half I will be in heaven. There is no other place in the world I would rather be then right here...

This is the exact spot, and maybe this gentleman will still be there, with his fishing pole poised and his relaxation on...
And flowers! It will be so exciting to see green and things actually alive!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

What Today Means

3-2-11 Spread the Word to End the Word.

If you have a child with special needs or you know someone with special needs you know that person is so much more then a word. But when that word is used in derogatory terms and spewed with out any thought or mindfulness it hurts those who have special needs and those who love someone with special needs. I don't care if you are referring to yourself or referring to "something", there is no need for the word to be used. Change the conversation folks, it isn't that hard to rise above, be better, be accepting and be respectful. There are occasions where that word will get you a sure sucker punch to the face, believe me it happens. Mr. Asa has had the impact on friends of friends and there are a few witnesses to back the story of the one sorry fellow who said the wrong word in the wrong house at the wrong time.... And this was a chick laying one on a not so wise guy! Like I said it was a friend of a friend, but they had met Asa and were spellbound by his magic, forever at his service... The point was made very clear and I will be forever grateful...

Spread It! Or Else!

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