Friday, June 29, 2012

Brotherly Love

Last night I was taking some photos of baby shoes that I have finally decided I can part with and sell on Ebay. But as I was snapping away I caught this sweet exchange in the background. OMG makes my heart melt....

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Maine Weekend

Maine was lovely, Friday we went to Ogunquit Beach. A beach we hadn't been to in years! Very clean, close to bathrooms and food. The whole ride Thursday night Ace kept asking if we were at the beach yet with an hour driving still left to go! So typical of a 5 year old I chuckled every 5 minutes when he asked...
Chillin' in the shade with Grammy

This is how Gracyn spent his first hour his first trip to the beach...

We got home Sunday early afternoon and had a BBQ. After the majority of everyone left Asa was playing in his sandbox. At one point a couple weeks ago I notice a small bees nest starting in the roof area of his playset (where the sandbox is). All of a sudden I heard Asa screaming and I immediately knew why. I jumped up and yelled "BEES" to Brian and we went running. I got to him first grabbed him and started running. I got stung on the arm and dropped my poor guy, but man did it hurt! I grabbed him again and ran for the pool. They were wasps and those buggers keep stinging! They got Asa once on the knuckle of his right hand and twice in the corner of his right eye! He had only been stung once before by a bumblebee that was half dead and floating in his kiddie pool, but never really stung so I had no idea how he was going to react. Thankfully Brian's aunt was there and ran to Walgreens for some Benydrl. We kept a close eye on him and the trooper took it in stride and kept on smiling. He's all better but I still have a swollen patch on my arm, those nasty things!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Graduation Videos!

This first one is when Asa gets his award.
The second is the greatest thing since sliced bread. Listen to the applause!! :)
I'm a very proud Momma!!


I finally took some pictures of the chickens! Granted these are from 3 weeks ago and they are even bigger now! Asa loves his chickens "brack, brack!"

"Hey Ladies!"

These are from last night. Asa got a pool for his birthday and that took 3 weeks to get set up too! We finally did it this week and he is SOOOO excited. He can't express how much "FUN" it is when he's in it. Jumping up and down it's the perfect height for him. He just needs to remember to close his mouth when he looses his footing and goes in the water. The kid drank/choked half the pool...

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Wordless Wednesday - Summer Lovin'

Photo Credit my friend Jess who Asa goes to for Daycare :)

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The Calm after the Storm

I have been on a Tilt-A-Whirl for the past 2 weeks straight. It has been my busiest time of year and my house, husband and kids feel the neglect. So does my body and mind!

Much overdue photos from Asa's Pre-K Graduation that was on June 6th! Blurry camera photos cause we forgot the camera in the car... I do have a couple REALLY cute videos. I will post when I get a chance to upload. My heart swelled with pride when he went up to give his hugs to his teachers. I kid you not he got the loudest applause and then skipped back to his seat. Miss Morgan was toward the beginning and after she got up and gave her hugs and walked back to her seat Asa stood up to give her a hug saying, "Yeah, Morgie!" She was so nervous she walked right past him, the look on Asa's face was so sad. He just kind of dropped his smile and sat back down in his seat like "Okay, she doesn't want to give me a hug" :(

Looking forward to a getaway weekend to Maine, just me and the kids. I can't wait I need some down time.

Asa and Morgie. BFF's

He was smack dab in the middle

Showing off

Extra cuteness: Gracyn fell asleep while waiting to be put to bed - LOL

Monday, June 4, 2012

You Are My Sunshine

Five years ago I went into labor on June 3rd at 2am. My contractions were "okay" so I just sat on the couch and watched TV not wanting to wake Brian yet because they weren't too bad. I dosed off and on half wakeful to what was going on inside my belly. By 6am they were getting pretty intense so I called the doctor, we went in and I wasn't hardly measuring so we went HOME! Home was NOT comfortable, by 10am we were back to the hospital and I wanted to stay. Stay was what Asa was doing, cause no matter how much pain I was in he wasn't going anywhere! Over 24 hours later at 3am on June 4th 2007 Asa was born by c-section. I was Gumby with medication from the hours of labor and exhaustion and inevitably they knocked me out during surgery. I was in recovery for about an hour while Brian was all by himself with his 1st born back in the room. Everyone left because the nurses said I'd be right down, but not quite as speedy as everyone thought.
About mid-morning the pediatrician who helped deliver Asa came to our room. He stood by our bed and said Asa may have Down syndrome but I'm not positive. He has some classic characteristics but we can't be sure without the proper blood work. As this all slowly sunk in my Mother's intuition already knew what blood work didn't need to tell me. My sweet little bundle most certainly was special, but in a way I could never had dreamed or prayed for. It took a week to get the test results back and Asa's pediatrician called me on the phone and said that Asa did certainly have Trisomy 21. Yes folks, we were told over the phone in a matter of fact unemotional way that Asa had Down syndrome. At that time I was oblivious to the term Trisomy 21 so when those words hit my ears I did not quite understand what was being said through the receiver, but I knew what was meant.
And so here we are 5 years later and I am not the same person I was on that day. I am not sad that my son has Down syndrome. I thank the Lord everyday for the precious gift he has given me, given Brian and so generously given our whole family and to the world.

My phrase Perfection is Made with 47 Chromosomes rings through and through. He is magic in a bottle, or magic in a 3.5 foot body with beaming blue eyes and blond hair!

You are my sunshine...

My only sunshine...

You make me happy...

When skys are gray...

You'll never know dear..

How much I love you...

So please don't take my sunshine away...

Happy Birthday to Asa!
5 years of Sunshine!
Mommy & Daddy
Love You!

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