Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Vacation was nice, relaxing to a point - Ha! It was plain nice to have time off from "work". We did go to Maine for a few days, we really enjoyed the down time. Here are a few pics, I of course forgot my camera every time we went to the beach. Good thing for cell phones! The pics are what we call the "Main Beach", those of you Wells, Maine vacationers know what I'm talking about. This beach does not have nice fluffy dry sand. It is rocky, kind of stinky :-), but has great tidal pools! Asa learned the hard way what running in a tidal pool and falling on a rock with barnacles feels like. Man, the number of times I did this as a kid - welcome to the club Ace ;-)
There were a few tears shed, boy does it sting from the salt water!

We felt better fast, we were having FUN!

Ace and Daddy

Love the top pose!

If you click on these you can view them larger - the sepia makes me think of the pics from my childhood, don't you think Ma?

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