Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The Past Month

The past month has flown by and also crawled. I have to reiterate that perfection is made with 47 chromosomes because my angel with extra good stuff spoiled us as a infant who slept through the night at 4 weeks and never woke more then once in the time before that. I am sleep deprived with mostly waking hours between 2am and 5am.
To play catch up here we will start with our WHITE Halloween... The snow did melt by Monday evening on the 31st, but was an UNWELCOME surprise.

It was great snowman making snow but caught everyone off guard who hadn't dug out the snow pants and winter boots yet!

Next we have "To Infinity and Beyond!" He was beyond excited for Halloween this year and did an awesome job trick or treating. 

We did birthday parties with pony rides

Pretend to play hockey, which we totally REALLY need to do this winter.

Pretend to be mommy and carry buzz around in Gracyn's carrier.

And watch the Mickey train on Daycare's x-mas tree - Jess said "don't touch, just look". So he did by putting his hands behind his back - LOL he stood and watched for 10 minutes :)

and loving our new baby brother...

I have a video from Asa's first sing at Preschool for Thanksgiving that I need to upload so stay tuned for that :) 

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  1. i'm pretty excited for that video! i heard they did a great job! =) glad you're doing well!


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