Monday, September 16, 2013

Daddy Love

Two Little Boys who love their Daddy!
They both were sick last week, Gracyn was sent home from Daycare with Hand, Foot and Mouth! This is the 3rd time he's had it and all three times he's got it from Daycare. He had minimal blistering this time, I think he's built up some immunity to it but this is the first time he's ever had blisters on his feet. He had a couple on his toes and heels, not bad. Thursday Ace was feeling a little punky and sure enough by early evening he had a sore throat and fever! He stayed home Friday and was feeling better Saturday morning so we opted not to miss his first soccer practice. He did great! For the first half, he kept up and ran with everyone and I was really surprised and happy. Then they started doing drills and that's when he lost all interest. It's hard for him and when it starts getting hard he tends to give up, plus he was POOPED! I stuck to my guns though and made him sit and watch and continued to tempt him into participating. We were siting in the grass and that's when I noticed the blisters on his hands! "Supposedly" kids older than 4 don't get Hand, Foot and Mouth but guess that isn't necessarily the case! I felt horrible, so we quietly got up and went over to the coach to tell her we weren't feeling good and were going to leave a couple minutes early. Last night the blisters were gone, I know he didn't get it by contact with Gracyn because his were never "open" but there are two little boys who share drinks constantly! What's a Mom to do...
Also, The Hunt is On... Deer Season has started in our neck of the woods and with that comes - Deer Hunters at our house. Which is fine, but it won't be over until December with all the options of archery, muzzle loader and rifle... The boys love to watch hunting shows with Daddy on TV and they get so excited to see pictures of deer, like jumping up and down excited, "Daddy look at that one!" Oiy...
Sadly, our first frost is possible tonight. It's all part of the changing seasons, it will be good though, I think I'm ready for cooler temps but just not yet ready for the naughty S word snow...

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