Monday, November 11, 2013

WTG Derrick!

Derrick Asa got his first deer during youth weekend at Hunting Camp!
3 Generations of Deer Hunters courtesy of  the Valley News (Derrick left, my Dad Dave center and BIL Dave right). A reporter for the newspaper and a biologist from Fish and Game were at the check-in. Front Page News! Coolest part is not only is it 3 generations of Deer Hunters, Derrick is the 4th generation of Hunter's at our family camp and the 5th generation of hunting the same woods. Much like Robert Frost, "Who's woods are these I think I know" :)

Getting weighed in...
Now that's a smile :)
Great job Bud!


  1. Hi Jackie,
    I sent you an email, but wanted to leave you a comment to see if we could connect. My little girl also has down syndrome and cf. julie at borkowskifamily dot com is my email. Thanks!

  2. -wow, thanks awesome!
    Catherine goes tomorrow for youth hunt in Alabama, sure hope she gets would be her first. John checked his camera he sets up in the woods and had pictures of a bear, bobcat, turkeys and lots of deer (six in one frame several times) no reason not to kill a deer he said so fingers crossed for my girly


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