Monday, March 10, 2014


Where are you wonderful Spring? Better yet, where are you 5th season of mud? We still have SO MUCH snow and we are supposed to get more on Wednesday (6"-14"). With that said it's going to make it difficult for the Sappers... The temps have been getting above freezing during the day for the past couple of days with plenty of sunshine, and that means the maple sap is starting to run, not a lot but some. The boys ventured out yesterday to go and check their buckets and see what kind of sweet success they captured. All in all they said they have about 15 gallons of sap (it takes 40 gallons of sap to make one gallon of maple syrup - liquid gold).

Our baby chicks arrived late last Tuesday, we got the call about 8:30 that the postal truck had just arrived at our local sort facility and that we could come and get them. Good thing cause we may have lost more than we did. We had a total of 7 chicks die out of 24. We used a different hatchery this year than last and I think it may be the last year we use this one. 4 were DOA and 2 died the next day, we lost one little fighter yesterday. We thought she was going to make it, but she was so much smaller than the rest and finally stopped eating and drinking. We did get replacements and had to add a few to make up the minimum order. If all 15 of the newest batch (to arrive tomorrow) survive we'll be chicked out and chicken crazy adding to the batch of 28 we already have with our older chickens.

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  1. brooke has talked us into getting more chicks, guess we will in the next couple of weeks. Hope it starts warming up there.


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