Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Goings on...

From the short list:

Enjoying summer. We are officially in our 2nd week of summer vacation. Asa started day camp yesterday and is really enjoying it. He has one favorite counselor that he had last year too and I had to tear him away from her yesterday when I picked him up :) Gracyn has wanted to stay the past two days as well, but he can't go until next year - you have to be 3 and potty trained!

Asa and his favorite camp counselor Aly, pic from last year.
We've already made a couple trips to Maine and will spend the 4th weekend there. It will be a full house! Asa also spent last week with Grammy there and both boys get to spend next week!

Loving Grampy's Boat

Oh I wish dandelions would go away! "But there soft mom"...
Asa, Ashleigh and Derrick Wells Beach Maine with Grammy.
I also had my 20 year High School Reunion this past weekend - shout out to the Class of 1994! It was nice to reconnect with those I haven't seen in a long time and even those I see every once in a blue moon!

Hot and Humid and I'm loving it... Pool is set up and evening dips are on the agenda.

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  1. looks like Asa is a lady's man like his buddy William. They know a pretty girl when they see one. Grammy and Grampy's place must be such a fun place to go, have a great fourth. Please tell me that it is not cold enough for sweat shirts in the middle of summer:) are you doing that to make me jealous?


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