Friday, September 26, 2014

Falling into Fall

We are falling into fall, FAST. With cooler temps and withering leaves, we've been battling head colds and bad behavior. 

The beginning of 1st grade has not been an easy transition for Mr. Asa. His stamina or lack there of and being in school for a whole day is really wiping him out. He's also had some issues with following directions and moving on to new tasks. We'll get there, he overcame these exact tendencies last year and he has a new aid and also getting used to a new teacher. I feel like we took two steps forward by the end of Kindergarten but now somehow back to square one. It's only been a month (and a very inconsistent one) so we'll lay out some new plans and directions and hopefully he'll be back to a good guy who listens and follows along.... 
Enjoying a Rocket Pop
We all have been battling the first colds of the season, I hope this isn't a preview of what's to come!
Super Hero Woody's home sick, don't they look it? (just don't look at Asa's nose!)
Since most of the trees around our house are pine trees we don't get much leaf change, but a little...
For my southern friends :) I'll try to get some really nice pics over the next week and post them on Instagram, we'll be heading north next weekend and it should be pretty!
And this kid just cracks me up! I bought some new nude patent leather heels for a wedding we have next weekend and I had them on to break them in (though they're still going to kill me) and Gracyn says, "What are you wearing?" and I said, "My new heels" and then he asks, "Is there peanut butter on them?" 
Calling all Modeling Agencies, check this kid out... Bedhead chic!

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  1. oh my heart goes out to you Jackie, we have the same para but are still battling "behaviors" with my guy. im just about at my wits end. it will get better, give it time and it is so worth it in the long run even if the process isn't too breezy. your boys are getting so big, they are just soooo handsome


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