Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Hidden Angels: American Families Saving Children With Down Syndrome

PHOTO: Children with Down syndrome in Ukraine are often abandoned at birth, deemed worthless by a struggling society that praises appearances.
Reeces's Rainbow and the Cox Family were on ABC World News last night with Diane Sawyer. Please click on Hidden Angels link below to watch and read about the Cox's adoption journey of little Mia.

Reece's Rainbow's website got so much traffic after this aired it crashed for a little while, but do go and see all the beautiful children waiting for their forever Mommy and Daddy to come and rescue them from a life of despair or death. I was a Christmas Warrior last year for a little girl named Sandra (pictured below) and a little boy named Evan you can read about them in my post A Christmas to Remember. My mom and sister Jenna each donated to Sandra's adoption fund and I received 2 ornaments with her beautiful face on them. I fell in love with her picture, it spoke to me and we shared the same birthday of June 22. Much to my surprise and utter heartbreak I found out through a friend's blog last January that she had died. Her health was listed as good on her adoption page, I wonder what happened to her and am extremely saddened that she was not saved in time. All the children on Reece's Rainbow figuratively wear a ticking time clock around their necks. As depicted in the ABC story you will see what their lives are like and most likely hold if they do not find families in time....

Rest in Peace Sweet Girl :(

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  1. i remember getting the news about sandra too, such a sweet face, makes me wonder sometimes how a couple decides which child is "their's", thankfully they do so but it still hurts to see other left behind.

    Praying someone finds Benji and Bogdan soon...they will be 2 in Jan


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