Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Here we are...

Here we are in 2013. I am posting this in HTML because that seems to be the only way I can get photos to upload! Anyone else having issues? It's really frustrating Blogger... I've done all the things they recommend and they didn't work. So pardon any spelling errors cause you apparantly can't spell check in HTML... The Henry Household has been sick. I was sick a week and a half ago with the stomach bug, then Gracyn was sick with a cold, then Asa got the cold and it's been a doozy for him. I haven't caught the cold (knock on woood) but Brian has... Here are some pics of Gracyn and I on our sick day.
Still a cutie even when he's sick, but he won't stay out of the darn pots and pan cabinet! Ha, Ma - I know there are a gazillion photos of me doing the same thing - LOL We've had a nice January thaw and I think it was close to 60 degrees yesterday! I told my co-workers that January thaw is good for the soul but not the snow! It's all but gone. Brian has had it and is selling his snowmobile, fine by me because I haven't been able to go for 6 years, that would be the same amount of time we've had kids if you catch my drift. At least we have something to look forward to for Spring. We are currently down to 12 Chickens and 1 of those is Winston the Rooster. One we've lost to a hawk and another we think to a fox, just when we were getting a dozen eggs a day too! Well, call us Chicken Crazay but we are going for it again this spring. We've got an order in for 25 more baby chicks. Their hatch day happens to be around Brian's Birthday and so he'll be getting chickens again this year :) I think we are going to try to keep all 25 this year. We gave away the majority of our order last year and every time one of those little babies left it was a little sad. We are switching it up though and getting a smorgashbord.
Asa is so excited and we've marked the baby chicks incubation days on the calendar. I put the photos on the fridge so we can look at these pretty girls everyday until they arrive. Gracyn loves to look at the pictures and says "den". I'm hoping all this posts well!

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  1. oh I hope you all get well. catherine is home today, we cant get rid of anything and its a pain not typically a "sick" family.

    OMG I am having the same problem with blogger. so.over.it. I just get this computer back and now I dont want to post b/c it is annoying. Let me know if you get it figured out:(

    Brooke told me last night she cant wait for spring and she wants 40 chickens! holy cow. thats a far cry from what we will get but a girl can dream. Our (one)poor hen still hasnt laid a thing. I think john wants to eat her but dont tell brooke haha. Can you order a certain sex?


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