Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Cabin Fever!

This time every year I start to get really tired and depressed over the cold weather and being inside all the time. Yesterday was a tough one. I was home with the kids because daycare was closed for President's Day. The temp outside got to about 28 degrees by late afternoon but the wind was frigid. Asa kept begging to go outside but I knew Gracyn would be miserable. I held him off until 4:00 then threw his gear on him and sent him out the door. He honestly stayed out for 5 minutes and came back inside. I am so glad March is right around the corner and can't wait for Mother Nature to turn up the thermostat!

Thankfully they keep each other entertained :)
Boogey faces! Another thing I can't wait to be over!

Playhut Doghouse?

I have no idea what this face is...


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  1. love all of the art pictures. IT does stink being stuck inside..of course my cold and your cold are totally different. Many years we dont get much lower than the high20s and that might be once or twice. Im a wimp and stay in until the sun is out and the temps fave at least got to 60s:)


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