Thursday, March 21, 2013

Happy World Down Syndrome Day!

Look closely, under all that marker you can see his single palmar crease :) :) Just another one of those things that make him perfect.

21 Things about ASA

I’ve tried to write 21 things about Asa in celebration of World Down syndrome Day 3.21.13. I’ve been thinking of things that really make him who he is but it’s extremely hard. Unless you know him, you really don’t understand how ordinarily wonderful he is. How much he is just a cool kid with a big heart, great laugh and sense of humor. He’s helpful (when he wants to be); a great big brother who offers guidance and assistance when he thinks his little brother needs it. Sometimes gently, sometimes a little brash, but 7 times out of 10 it’s with a guiding hand on Gracyn's back walking up stairs or words of wisdom for whatever “project” they are working on. And a little brother who absolutely adores him and copies his every move (just like all little brothers do). Asa is sincere and empathetic. Empathy is an art of his, you cough he pats your back and puts his hand to your forehead, you say “OUCH” he is the first there to ask if you’re okay and offer a healing kiss. I guess what I’m saying is that he is so much more then words, whether it be 21 things about him or 2 words that only describe 1 thing that is so minimal to who this little boy really is.

 Here is what I came up with:

1)                  Asa is the most handsome little boy you’ll ever meet.

2)               He sucks you in with his magical spell.

3)               He skips when he is really happy.

4)               He is responsible for letting his dog Frankie out every morning.

5)               He loves to play outside.

6)               He drives like a crazy man.

7)                He loves his little brother though he picks on him every second he gets!

8)               Everyone at his school knows his name – all 325 of them.

9)               He is the best dancer; you should see his break dance moves!

10)             Out of the blue he will run up to you, give a hug and say, “I wuv you”.

11)                He loves Hockey and Race Cars.

12)             He thinks Santa is suppose to come every time it snows.

13)             He is named after his Great-Grandfather, Asa Derrick and his Bumpa, Daniel Henry.

14)            His favorite color is Blue.

15)             His best friend is Daddy.

16)            He does the best Magic Tricks!

17)             His favorite food is ICE CREAM!

18)             His least favorite food is corn.

19)             Favorite pretend play is to build tents, beds and fake campfires.

20)          In circle time at school his friends fight over who is going to sit next to him J

21)             He was born with Down syndrome, but that’s only one thing about him, that isn’t who he is…

And on this day you can see and read many more stories of the celebration of Perfection Made with 47 Chromosomes in my list of blogs I follow to the left and also below is a beautiful story that Savannah Guthrie wrote.

Savannah Guthrie: What World Down Syndrome Day means to me


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  1. love this...wanted to blog mroe about wdsd today but my boy is terribly sick vomiting. so I will have to make do with what pictures I had scheduled for today. Our boys are so much alike, its great!


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