Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Tradition, TRADITION!

It's tradition in my family to create before each Holiday. We create carved Pumpkins at Halloween preceded with trudging through a muddy pumpkin patch to find the Perfect Pumpkin - slightly tall, full body with a crooked stem tilted to the right... We create decorated Christmas Trees of wonder preceded with trudging through a frozen Christmas Tree Farm in search of the Perfect Christmas Tree - slightly tall, no brown spots, with a round but full body that is tightly trimmed into a perfect triangle and a centered sturdy point for the star...

As Spring approaches we come to the end of our creative season - Easter. Which is preceded with going into the chicken coop with our darling baskets and hand picking our pristine white eggs out from under our beloved chickens - TOTALLY NOT! Just kidding on that one, hello Super Market hunting for the rare find of 12 dozen white eggs with no cracks or goo... As my Mother says, she doesn't need anymore stinkin' Easter eggs, but we still love to make them every year because it's Tradition, TRADITION! Our Easter baskets run-eth over with eggs of years past, Mom having the best collection...

Ashleigh, Derrick and my beloved Sister Jenna

So, I tried to be Martha Stewart with the idea she had in her Easter magazine with cut out vinyl stencils stuck on the eggs. It worked for the most part, but a after thought is vinegar and Styrofoam don't mix. Some of the egg colors got a little chunky with the vinegar eating the bowl - oops...
TA - DA!

Aren't they PER-DEE?

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