Wednesday, July 7, 2010

"Holiday, hmm, hmm, Celebrate"

"We took a Holiday.... Now it's time to Celebrate.... HOLIDAY, IT WILL BE SO NICE!"

If I had the time to attach music to my posts this one would be playing Madonna's "Holiday" Ace and I went to Maine for the 4th of July, we left Daddy at home because he had to work.

It WAS sooo NICE!

There was this crazy kid that kept flopping himself down in the puddle and totally loving it!

He also loved rolling and making sand angels. He had sand EVERYWHERE! Every nook and cranny I think we both still have sand in our ears...

We went down to the Beach to watch the Fireworks, AND SO DID EVERYONE ELSE!

It was a beautiful evening though...

Asa and his favorite person in the world - GRAMMY!

We also went to York's Wild Kingdom Amusement Park - *disclosure* majority of these rides were here when I was Asa's age....
He's in there behind Ashleigh...
This thing my mother informed me IS as old as I am. If you add it together I'm only 7 but the 3's in front not the 4! LOL

It was a wonderful 3.5 day weekend, thanks Grammy and Grampy!

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  1. I think some of those rides are as old as mom and dad!


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