Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Welcome To The Jungle

Well today I could say Welcome to the Snow Jungle! But that is forecasted for tomorrow, we are only suppose to get 4 inches today, anywhere between 12 to 28 inches tomorrow!

We did make it to the Monarchs Hockey Game Saturday night. I wasn't quite sure if Mr. Asa was going to be able to go. He started in with a hoarse cough Thursday evening and blossomed from there, fever off and on and pretty restless nights. We stayed home yesterday to hunker down and try to kick it and I think we did! I actually felt like a real Mom making paper hearts covered in glue, glitter and feathers to tape to the windows. Opening a collection of Play-Do that had been hidden in the craft chest since June! And wooden beads on vinyl rope courtesy of Grammie.

Thankfully Saturday wasn't a bust, we mustered through. "Welcome to the Jungle".

It was kind of a boring game, no fights and low scoring. During one of the "toss outs" the very nice man in front of us gave Ace the hat he caught. Thank you very nice man who we don't know...

The Monarchs won, it was their last game before the All Star break, their Goalie (#76) was selected for the AHL All Star Team Eastern Conference ...

It was fun to get out of dodge, we didn't see so unfamiliar faces. Our friends Jess, Todd (who are Asa's daycare providers) and their girls, who dragged along my cousin and his girlfriend were there. We got to walk around and sit with them for a minute, broke up the time nicely so Mr. Antsy Pants didn't get too unruly!

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