Tuesday, February 1, 2011

What do you do?

When you have a sick child in the middle of winter and you're stuck inside? Well, you dig out all the sections to the Play Hut and you set them up in the dining room of course!


And you get your doggy to go in it!

You should of heard the glorious giggles that were bursting at the seams..

Does this look like a child who doesn't feel well? I said to him "make a silly face" and he was trying to stretch his cheeks out. I have a feeling his friends Karleigh and Vanessa taught him this one - Ha!

And you finally get a haircut! It had been way too long and long! I pick and choose my battles and it is a battle in more ways then one. The last time we went to a "Salon" for a "Professional" haircut it was a challenge, so the next time I did it myself. I have to say, I'm not great at it but it turns out better then someone who went to school to learn how to cut hair! This is my third go at it and there are some shabs here and there but overall it turned out well! In these pics it's still a little wet from the tubby, it does layer over cute in front...

And when you can't get outside to play and climb you use the next best thing - DADDY!

(I don't know why this pic came out so horrible)

These pics don't do his new haircut justice either. I took these last evening after being home sick all day and taking a 2 hour nap in a closed room with vaporizer...

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  1. i cut william's hair too, like you can't tell,lol GOOD JOB!


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