Monday, May 16, 2011

The Invite

Okay, now it's on to the decorations. I'm praying to the weather Gods it isn't a monsoon on the day of the party this year. Last year was a horrible mess.


  1. oh how cute...I wish we could be there Happy birthday sweet boy have a great day

  2. What a coinkidink...I will also be four....-ty-one. Ah, close enough.

    Well, we won't be able to be there, but in Florida, it won't be hard to dress like we're at a luau. ;)

  3. What a bad ID I had above. That was me, Matt.

    I would suggest, since Ace is your super-hero, a "4" t-shirt (as in the logo for the Fantastic Four) for his birthday. Not only is he fantastic, he seems to share their powers. He can change his shape (making faces) like Mister Fantastic, disappear like the Invisible Woman, can be real hot stuff like the Human Torch, and tough like the Thing. If he learns how to say, "It's clobberin' time," watch out! :)

    Of course, the FF went through some major changes. Long story...let Wikipedia explain it.


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