Tuesday, May 31, 2011


We had a very relaxing long weekend, well sort of, Ace did. Mommy stained the deck in 90 degree weather, but it dried quickly! It was nice to be home and not HAVE to be some where at a certain time. We played in the spectacular weather and enjoyed quality time. The boy who is emerging on 4 is growing up so fast, I'm missing my baby but proud of my boy.

Breakfast El Fresco while watching Toy Story...

 See, half the railing is stained and the floor isn't done yet ;-)

Nothing like playing with Mommy's good stock pot in your water table...

Yeah my feet too, just a little swollen from standing on my head staining all day. 

Me? Me? All he wants to do is see himself on the camera.

Hope everyone enjoyed their long weekend as well. YEAH FOR SUMMER!


  1. Mommy.. I need a haircut for my b-day. Love Ace.

  2. Livin' the life huh?

    funny william drags my pots everywhere too :)
    who cares how much they cost right?

  3. So big? More like Zen.


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