Wednesday, May 4, 2011


I can officially say Spring has made it to Northern New England. Last week the last bit of ice from the snow pile on the front lawn finally melted. Sprouts of flowers are emerging from their winter slumber and the trees are forcing out their leaves with a "ah". It has been a very long winter up here and now it's been raining for weeks. There's been a couple of nice days here and there, but not enough to count on one hand even! Softball season started last night and Brian has two gashes on his knees to prove it and the ump called him out to boot. I think they lost by 1 or 2 runs, I don't play I just watch, but last night I was chasing a little boy who thought it was fun to roll a softball in the parking lot and run away from Mommy! We may not make it to many games if this will be the "game" every time.

My busy season at work is coming up with Graduation and Reunions. I'm looking forward to being busy, but not looking forward to being exhausted. It is a month of constant running, organizing and chasing (more chasing!) It is nice when it's over, because there is a moment of peace that we survived another year.

In the next month a little boy will be turning 4 years old. That means a BIG party to plan, a new IEP (which I haven't heard or seen anything about, I better check up on that!) and running here, there and everywhere. I'm not too worried about Asa's IEP (Individualized Education Plan) because everyone involved with him on that level is OUTSTANDING. They are his biggest supporters and are extremely invested in his best interests at learning and being successful in ALL that he does. They make sure he is on the front line and are so wonderful.

Here's a hint into the Party Theme ;-)

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