Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Maine Weekend

Maine was lovely, Friday we went to Ogunquit Beach. A beach we hadn't been to in years! Very clean, close to bathrooms and food. The whole ride Thursday night Ace kept asking if we were at the beach yet with an hour driving still left to go! So typical of a 5 year old I chuckled every 5 minutes when he asked...
Chillin' in the shade with Grammy

This is how Gracyn spent his first hour his first trip to the beach...

We got home Sunday early afternoon and had a BBQ. After the majority of everyone left Asa was playing in his sandbox. At one point a couple weeks ago I notice a small bees nest starting in the roof area of his playset (where the sandbox is). All of a sudden I heard Asa screaming and I immediately knew why. I jumped up and yelled "BEES" to Brian and we went running. I got to him first grabbed him and started running. I got stung on the arm and dropped my poor guy, but man did it hurt! I grabbed him again and ran for the pool. They were wasps and those buggers keep stinging! They got Asa once on the knuckle of his right hand and twice in the corner of his right eye! He had only been stung once before by a bumblebee that was half dead and floating in his kiddie pool, but never really stung so I had no idea how he was going to react. Thankfully Brian's aunt was there and ran to Walgreens for some Benydrl. We kept a close eye on him and the trooper took it in stride and kept on smiling. He's all better but I still have a swollen patch on my arm, those nasty things!

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  1. the beach looks like so much fun, we havent been this summer. Poor guy those stinky bees!


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