Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Maine Weekend

The kids and I escaped to Maine for the weekend with Mamie and Bampie. The beach was wonderful on Saturday. Asa and Bampie jumped waves all day long! So much so Ace said his arm and neck hurt Sunday morning from holding on to Bampie's hand. It was definitely a nice getaway from laundry and dog hair!

Playing Chef

Natural Born Beach Babe...

Gracyn's new face. Scrunchie nose smile...

"Hey, I know what to do with this thing, lick the salty sand off of it!"

"I really do, I dig like this..."

"Move your hand Bampie, I want to wack that thing"

Posing with his Mr. Sand head - you too can make your own, no plastic parts required!

Bampie, Mamie and Ace

Gracyn ate a pint of sand!

5 o'clock sand shadow...

"oooo, can I eat this whole thing?"

shoveling in the sand! yuck!

I love this one, I call it "Don't mess with the Henry Boys" - LOL

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  1. oh looks like such a fun day, its nice to get away for a while


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