Tuesday, August 14, 2012


Yesterday was a big boy day. Asa wore big boy undies from the time he woke up until he went to bed last night! With out 1 single accident! Even through nap! We are SO PROUD of him and you could tell how proud he was of himself. Now, we'll see if day two is as successful :)

More success, we have some layers! Not sure how many are laying at the moment we haven't had an egg in a few days. I'm thinking it's just one or two right now and we also think we have a couple more roosters then we first thought - which was NONE. We know our 1 Golden Laced Wyandotte is a rooster cause he crows ALL THE TIME... He crows when the dogs go outside, he crows when Asa yells (yells back-LOL), he crows when someone pulls in the driveway and he crows when you don't get out to the coop fast enough in the morning to let him out. He stands in the window looking out waiting for you... His name was Wynonna when we thought it was a hen, now we call him Winston.

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  1. Way to go Asa!!!

    Our chickens havent laid ...maybe too young not sure. I cant imagine the eggs being big as the birds are very small.
    hope its soon....i could have used some eggs for the cupcakes today instead of running to the store :)


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