Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Best Buddies

Do you have Best Buddies in your state? New Hampshire does now. It is a great organization and opportunity! There is a recent article in our local "Kids Stuff" magazine. It is not published online so I'm going to post the image of the article in hopes that if you click on it and it will be large enough to read :) Corrections, I cropped the columns hopefully it's legible this way...


Morgan and Asa 2nd cousins who are 6 months apart - Best Buddies. When they are in High School they will be in the same class. Asa's Elementary School is K-8 and Morgie lives in the next town over so they don't get to go to school together right now, but when the time comes I know Miss Morgan will keep Asa under her wing and continue to be his Best Bud. I imagine she may be a little over protective at times so watch out!

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  1. one of our local high school has it, unfortunately it is not in our district but hopefully the school where my kids will attend high school will enentually get it


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