Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Blue Ear

Asa is now the new owner of a very expensive tiny volumenater (I made that word up), a "Hearing Aid" or as we call it around our house "Blue Ear". A few months ago my sister sent me this article and I posted it. Well low and behold it became a very useful tool for us too! We primed Asa for a month, talking up how cool he will be with his "Blue Ear". Then last week I borrowed this image and personalized it a little...
Into the Audiologists Office we went last Friday to pick up our "Blue Ear" armed with some eye candy. Asa was really good, he let the Audiologist put in his hearing aid and we ventured out of the room to go to the bathroom. When we stepped out into the hall he was a new kid, you could really "see" the difference. He was so excited, it was like a new door opened for him. Four days later I think he is doing extremely well. We had one mishap on Saturday evening when I had left a can of Febreeze on the end table in the living room. Asa loves to spray it and he usually does really well spraying pillows and the couch but when I walked back into the living room he was spraying his hearing aid! I have to admit I freaked out a little because the Audiologist repeatedly said that moisture is bad news... Ugh... I immediately tested it to see if it still worked and it did thank God! He has been REALLY good since the freak out. He even came running up to me the other night because it had popped out of his ear canal and was humming (he was dancing to Yo Gabba Gabba at the time) saying Mommy noisy! He's very aware and it's great, he will even be careful when taking his coat and hat off...
Horrible pic taken on tablet. The cord is a safeguard against loss, doesn't work so great when he rips it off his shirt!

Hear are some pics of the chickens, I let them out the other day for one of their last free range until Spring! It's dark when we get home now so they are already roosting and soon there will be snow on the ground and picking at the ground might pose a little difficulty!
The Rooster that wasn't suppose to be, Wynonna turned to Winston once he started crowing! He's darn pretty though and knows it!
They are so funny to watch...

Some of the girls, look at the fluff! They should be nice and warm now in the 30 degree weather.


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  1. cool boys have "blue ear"

    we are down to one hen....got rid of the roosters and our new puppy killed brookes hen and broke my babys heart terribly. we will get a few more in the spring until now she is a loner


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