Monday, November 5, 2012

Superman and the Green Dragon

Halloween was a success. Success in that we made it all the way around the block without any crying :) Gracyn rode happily in the wagon while the older kids went up to doors with lights on. There were quite a few houses with no lights on. I wonder if it's the economy or too busy to hand out candy. My parents had over 100 kids come to their house, which I think Asa actually enjoyed handing candy out more then trick or treating.

asa's sleeves were a little long, but they kept his hands warm!

Asa and his buddy B - "Captain America"
I would also like to share a post my friend Andrea wrote on her blog recently in conjunction with the Dr. Julie Kinder petition post I did last week. It's a must read She is such a supporter of Asa's and really speaks some wonderful things :) Love you Andrea!

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