Thursday, May 9, 2013


Crazytown is what our world has been lately. Busy, Busy, Busy... One project after another and work, work, work. We finally got the baby chickens outside in their coop the beginning of last week. They are so much happier! There was a lot of help from friends and dads to get this coop done. Big thanks to all who made it happen. I will take some pics soon, but in the meantime not much house cleaning is happening because we are having too much fun enjoying the gorgeous weather that has finally arrived!
Lots of Popsicle Capers!

and afternoon drives!


These little pale skin boys are almost as bright as the sun... Lots and lots of sunscreen!


  1. I have some seriously cute nephews.. must take after auntie.

  2. i just told john our chicks need to go with the one little hen we have left, maybe next week.
    Looks like you all are having fun! happy happy mothers day{{hugs}}


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