Tuesday, July 16, 2013

One Extreme to Another

We have gone from one extreme, flooding torrential rains to another,  hazy, hot and humid. It's summertime in New England :) Thankfully the rain has subsided. We really don't need anymore.

Asa finally made it back to camp today. Last Thursday he was a miserable, crying, emotional, wreck which only happens when he is over tired or doesn't feel good and well he had them both going on! He spiked a fever Thursday evening and kept it rolling until about Saturday afternoon. Sunday morning he woke up with a rash around his mouth and nose, but nothing anywhere else. He was still pretty down and out but no more fever so he didn't go to camp yesterday either. He was bummed when he got there this morning, he missed tie dye day yesterday! Next week he is off to the beach with Grammy and then back to camp for another 2 weeks after that. I hope he has a much better week this week! It's Circus Week :)

Hanging on the Ranger watching the chickens roam.

We have some beggars... The older Barred Rocks now come up on the deck looking for a treat.


  1. oh buddy im glad you got to go back to camp and you are better. tell your mom to fly you here tonight b/c the narretto family is having a tie dying party with lost of friends tomorrow!!!!

    Jackie I feel terrible I have had a box to send your way for a month and it still sits in my bedroom waiting for me to bring it to the post office.....hopefully i will get it there once school begins (at least by christmas HA!)

  2. so tell me the tricks of tie dying....what kind of vinegar? we just got finished and they are sitting in bags (i know they have to wait 24 hours before washing)


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