Thursday, July 18, 2013

The Pearce Family

I have written about the Pearce Family before. It was in 2010 when their youngest son Kevin (center) who at the time was a professional snowboarder, while training for the Winter Olympics crashed on the half pipe in Park City, UT. The result was a traumatic brain injury and in critical condition.
I know the Pearce Family because I used to work for them at their Glass Blowing facility in Quechee, VT. I watched their 4 boys grow up. I saw Kevin and his older brother David a lot more than Adam and Andrew because David and Kevin were the youngest. I saw David the most because he would come hang out at the mill to watch videos in the apartment that they still had there, though it was more a function room for the restaurant at the time, with a bedroom and bath. David, who was about 8 or 9 then would come and ask for my help putting videos in the VCR (yes this was some time ago) which he knew how to do and I would make him show me how rather then doing it for him :)  David was my first experience of knowing and interacting with someone who was born with Down syndrome and for that Pearce Family I will always be grateful. Who knew 10 years later that experience would help me with the little boy I gave birth to. Because of David I knew life had no limitations, David did EVERYTHING, he played guitar, he acted and he had the largest posse of friends ever.
Most recently a documentary called The Crash Reel has been made about Kevin's Rise and Fall in the sport of Snowboarding and most important, his recovery from his injury. The entire Pearce family is in the film, including David who plays a vital role and I know first hand how much he loves his brother Kevin because when they were little they were always together.
Here is a snip-it of the story from an article in the Vermont Standard, but what I really wanted to share was David's words in the article - tissue warning, nuff said.

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