Thursday, August 29, 2013

1st Day of School

Today is Asa's 1st Day of School for his 2nd Year of Kindergarten. I tell you, my anxiety was completely minimal for this day because I knew he would be doing his same routine as last year. The only exception is that he is now being picked up rather then dropped off. This saves so much on morning stress! I actually got to eat and drink a cup of coffee before I left the house rather then having to do it in the car :) Asa has been asking to go to School for the past week and a half and today his wish finally came true! I hope you have a wonderful day Bubbies and you make lots of new friends and get to see some old ones too...

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  1. wow buddy you have grown so tall, I hope your day was super fun! Cant wait to hear about it:)


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