Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Hot Surprises and New Specs

We were driving home the other day and spotted a cool surprise rounding our way a bout the interstates to home. Yes, I was taking pictures while I was driving but the boys were awestruck by the balloon and not seeing Mommy doing a bad thing :) It was super close, descending and ascending above the River.

Amazing how the same photo looks totally different cropped - thanks Photoshop!

Getting off the interstate, this was a tough shot, but it was SO CLOSE.

New specs. Asa's new glasses with new prescription. He is definitely seeing better. He'll look at certain things and say "Mom, look at that." The frame is the same size as his old ones but slightly different style with bigger lens which is nice that he can't look around them as much as his old pair.
We are getting ready for Halloween, OMG are the boys excited. I don't know if they are going to be able to contain themselves. Pumpkin Carving (with pics) tonight or tomorrow, we'll see how Mr. Picky Gracyn handles the slime.

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  1. so what are the boys going to be for halloween? that balloon is amazing!


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