Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Big Boy Bed

New Year, new Big Boy bed! Gracyn is a stuffed animal fiend, he sleeps with 2 teddy bears, 3 puppies, 1 monkey, 1 cow and Elmo's Zoie. If he finds more he just can't live with out they join the party too. Needless to say, he was running out of room for himself in his crib! I debated awhile whether or not he was ready, well if I was ready too. It's hard when your last baby is growing up so fast! I wasn't sure how the transition was going to go. We talked it up for awhile and it took some time for his bed to come in. He finally asked me the other night "where's my big boy bed?" Like we've been talking about this thing for over a week, where the heck is it already? The bed finally came in yesterday, it is a Step 2 twin loft bed with room underneath for cubbies (this will be handy cause our clothes never make it out of baskets and cubbies :) Right away both guys were playing in it while I was putting it together, they helped - sort of... Once I got it together and made up they continued the celebration!

Asa really liked Gracyn's new bed. I had to convince him that his bunk bed was way more cool because he could have friends sleep in it too. I think it worked...
As far as how Gracyn slept? He went right to sleep, wanted to sleep on his pillow (this is a first) and we never heard a peep! Until 5:00, he woke up crying. I thought maybe he whacked his head on the side but when I went in he was under his BIG teddy bear. He was super hot and FREAKED OUT. I freed him and climbed in, he said he wanted to get out. I assured him it was okay, then I started to think that if I fell asleep I wouldn't wake up in time to get Asa rolling @ 6:00. So I attempted to climb out, not an easy task for someone with short legs getting out of a bed that is 3 ft off the floor, with sides! He woke up and we ended up in my bed listening to Daddy snore, though Gracyn finally fell back to sleep - horizontal with him kicking me in the back...

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