Monday, January 27, 2014

Not frozen solid, YET!

We're not frozen solid, YET! Today is a balmy 31 degrees, but tonight we will be back down to -4 degrees and tomorrow we won't get out of the single digits until the afternoon!

It's been a lot of quick in and outs, from the car to the house, etc.. Kind of like you southerners in the HOT summer temps :)

It got to 19 degrees yesterday and I finally sent the kids out dressed to the gills, literally, both had fleece wrapped up to their eyeballs, wish I had got a pic.

So, lots of time indoors,

Love Asa's Woody pose!
And dreaming of our April vacation in the Outer Banks! That's really helping me get through these cold days!



  1. I loved your comment the other day, I reread it to several people. Funny how you think our 30 degrees would be nice and we think we are going to
    we are so cold here and are out of school tues and wed due to weather conditions.WOOHOO. stay warm my friend

  2. I know you think we are crazy whining about your kind of "mild" weather but really is stinks. I couldn't make it where you are,i cant believe your kids go to school when its snowing (are they not excited...maybe just used to it?)
    oh, and Id rather run from the house to the car in the hot sun than in the cold any day:)
    stay warm and give those cuties big hugs from LA


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