Monday, April 19, 2010

Per Requests

So, I've had some requests for interior pics of the house. My first ever post shows a pic of the inside "during" demo. After taking these the other day (moving clutter, clothes, coats, mail piled up from one room to another then back again :) I must say we've busted our asses going from what this place was, to what it is now. I was discouraged over the outside this weekend. It is just a mess, there is pine limbs EVERYWHERE and dirt piled up EVERYWHERE. I just want to plant my trees and shrubs and watch them grow. I leave the grass up to Brian, cause for some reason the man can grow some good grass... But it is just so sad that there is only one patch of green anywhere and it happens to be over the septic system, don't get me wrong it is a nice flat spot to play, but it is the ONLY spot. You know what they always say? The grass is always greener over the Septic Tank :)

So after much ado, here is Chateau De Henry:

(I'm having the hardest time getting my images to not be blurry, but who has time to figure it out - not me!)

Okay so this one's not blurry - go figure!


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