Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Happy 11th Birthday!

You came to us like a tumble weed in the wind. We had no idea why your Daddy would want to give you up, but he moved to the city and couldn't bring you along. We are so glad he picked us as your forever family. I remember the day you came to live with us 6 years ago, you were a ball of fur and wrinkles getting out of the back seat of your Daddy's car. You waddled right up the sidewalk and into the house never looking back. You were middle age by the time you became ours, but you fit right in with your two younger brothers, they've kept you young all these years. You are slowing down a bit, and I worry everyday I may wake up and your soul will be gone. It's a good soul with lots of love. You are the toughest of the pack and the tenderest too. Your favorite thing to do is to roll in the grass and snow, it feels so good to scratch your back and you never take a nap with out a pillow tugged under you or digging out the couch cushions for the ultimate bed. Your worst trait is that you snore louder then the Jolly Green Giant, but that's okay with us, you beautiful wrinkled brindle bully!
We Love You Sweet Fraser! Have a Happy Day!

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