Monday, January 24, 2011

Winter Blues

This is not a BW picture... No need to adjust your monitor screen...

I have the Winter Blues, or let's say the Winter Blahs. I'm not blue it's just the lack of flavor this time of year. It's cold, it's snowy and there is nothing new on the horizon besides more snow and more cold. It was negative 24 degrees on my kitchen thermometer this morning. Bone Chilling, Holy Crap my eyeballs are freezing and not to mention the snot in your nose turns to snoticles instantly... I think the thing that is most blah about winter is the color - there is none! The trees have no leaves so they just look gray and you add a backdrop of never ending white, white on rooftops, white on the ground, white, white, white. The canvas is blank and I need some color people! Maybe that's why this time of year I go to Home Depot and buy one of those big ugly palm trees for $10.99 because it's big and green and then I go around my house looking for something to re-decorate, re-cover with bright cheerful color. It's also hard on kids when it's so cold you can't play outside. We did not play outside at all this weekend, the high yesterday was 17, much better then the forecasted high of 5. So pardon the "long time no post" event, I'm looking for inspiration and right now I'm too busy shivering to find any...

Though, this weekend we are going to a AHL Hockey Game - Manchester Monarchs (LA Kings farm team) Vs Bridgeport Sound Tigers (NY Islanders farm team), this will be Asa's first "real hockey" game. I'm hoping we can get a picture with MAX the mascot! He's usually tooling around looking for kids to pose with and Ace has a new Monarch's tee to sport. Can't wait to get out of dodge and see some unfamiliar faces ;-)


  1. Im not a sports fan but I have been to one hockey game in my life (in louisiana, go figure) we had a team here for a couple of years about 15 years ago....I told my husband that was one sport I could really get into....I would love to find another one to get to but I dont think there are any nearby.Have fun, sorry about the yucky weather

  2. Sorry you have had so much cold weather and snow. Wish you could send a little snow our way...Just enough so Ally could go sledding :) Hope you have a good time this weekend at the Hockey game!


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