Tuesday, August 23, 2011


My mother has a cute antique looking image of a little kid sitting on a chamber pot hanging in her bathroom. There is a caption below the image that says "Efforts". I never imagined Potty Training would be such a HUGE EFFORT. We have put forth the effort and we've had success!

Friday evening I stopped and picked up all the necessities I thought I would need for a successful weekend of "going on the potty". 2 packages of Cars and Toy Story Fundaroos (these bad boys are pricey!), a new wider opening seat insert, glass jar with lid and a 1 lb. bag of M&M's.

We started right in when I got home with one successful attempt and lots of cheering. Saturday morning we woke up and picked out a pair of Fundaroos. We sat down and had the talk that our undies needed to stay dry and we needed to go on the potty if we had to go potty. Through trial and error - error being one # 2, with a little #1in our first set of fundies. We tried again, picked out a new pair and kept those dry for a couple hours. All and all on Saturday we successfully peed on the potty 5 times, we started to call it making yellow and that was a hit. We totalled only 3 pairs of wet fundies, 1 being the first error.

We ended up going to the Fair Saturday night and rather then having to finish our first day of potty training using port-o-poos we opted for the good old pull-up. Sunday morning we started fresh again, lots of "no-goes" and Ace insisting he did make yellow and deserving a yum I told him we did not get an M&M unless we made yellow on the potty successfully. Mid-morning only 5 minutes after we sat on the potty I walked into the living room and asked again if he needed to go potty. He responded "YEAH", this was a little too overzealous and quick. I asked him if his fundies were wet and he said "yeah". He was standing in the middle of a lake with wet foot prints leading to and from - UGH. He had held it for so long and then I imagine he couldn't anymore. A BIG clean up ensued and we started fresh again. Sunday was certainly not as successful as Saturday. We had only a couple successful attempts but the last one of the day after tubby was ex-streamly successful.

He is working on it at Daycare, trying to stay consistent and successful with our efforts. At least I know now that we CAN do it and we will work on it a little more everyday. I have to say this was one of my biggest stresses for Preschool and hopefully he will cooperate and go when he needs to there...


  1. he will get it! william has been potty training longer than I would like to admit... but undies only since school was out in May...still some accidents but im not going back to diapers he gets it but when he doesnt want to stop to go potty he has accidents. He is brought to the potty at school with help so as long as they continue to follow through he will have consistency

    good luck:)

  2. don't forget how long it took your nephew to potty train!!! OY VEY!


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