Friday, August 5, 2011

A whole lot of a lot about nothing...


I feel like I should post something since I haven't in awhile, but it's been a whole lot about a lot about nothing lately. We've been busy doing a whole lot of nothing... I recently moved my entire business office at work, it seems like no matter what kind of moving you do it takes a lot out of you and takes forever for things to get back to normal. A lot of changes in personnel in my tiny office of 4 people which takes a blow to your whole work dynamic.

We've been doing a lot of yard work at home, that mid-summer clean up is such a necessity. Bushes, shrubs and plants seem to have grown to untamed and call for a trim. Weeds are out of control and gutters are full of fallen pine needles. Asa loves to help in this department and is a great helper, watering, mowing and pulling wagons of weeds to throw in the woods for mommy.

The sun has already started to change position here in the north. It is true testament every year at the beginning of August that the sun hangs a little lower in the sky and you can tell Autumn is only a few weeks away. By the end of the month there will be signs in the slight change of color of the trees. You can almost read the story in their leaves saying they are getting sleepy and it's almost time for their Winter slumber. There's still many summer things I'd like to accomplish like going camping at least once! I'm wondering if I can cram all the things I've meant to do all summer into one month, I may have to widdle my list.

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