Monday, August 29, 2011

We're Dry! Updated 8/30

As some may recall from our spring thaw we had a little bit of a water episode at our house. Well, Miss Irene didn't get us, the sump pump did it's job and we stayed dry. I can't say that for the majority of our local community. The main road connecting us to the world (interstates, stores, work) was flooded from the Connecticut River. Asa and I took the "long" way in this morning. Our little road bordered by a brook sustained some damage but was passable. Many other roads were not and as of this morning the majority of bridges crossing the multiple strings of rivers in our area were closed until they could be inspected for damage.

Here is video of the Quechee (pronounced Qwee-chee, like Queen) covered bridge going over the Ottauquechee River in Vermont. I worked for 6 years in the building just next door/upstream from the white Real Estate office in this video. There is a small hydro dam here and the drop below the bridge is about 25 feet (below the bridge) did I mention that's the height below the bridge? This was only one of multiply small bridges that got washed out during yesterday's storm across our region.

Updated 8/30/11:

Here are a couple more video's of West Hartford, Vermont. My grandfather grew up in the hills beyond the river and my "family resting place" is just on the other side of the road from the river in the cutest little cemetery you've ever seen, it sits on a hill so the water did not get this high thankfully.

The White River at West Hartford, Vermont, rose 16.47 feet by 7:30 p.m. yesterday 8/28, the last information available. The highest crest measured was 20.67 feet, which surpasses both a flood in November 1927 and the Hurricane of 1938, according to the weather service.

DURING the storm click here and here to see videos. The white thing floating is a hay bail in the second video, there are rumors that some unlucky cows didn't make it out of harms way. AFTER the storm click here, look at the front of the white house across road, the front is completely gone. The Village Library is to the left and the Country Store is the big red building to the far left. Our cemetery is just beyond that up a little hill behind the church (the cutest little church you'll ever see too, though it's vacant now).

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