Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Good Taste

The other night Brian and I were talking about our taste in movies, music and TV shows. It was the day the announcement was made on the nightly enterainment shows that this season would be the last for Desperate Housewives on ABC. Brian proclaimed proudly that we were a good judge of quality entertainment because we had stopped watching DH last season when it started getting so far fetched, he followed by our taste in music and movies (that we would go see if we had the time :-) was pretty good and he was quite convinced by his statement.

We have seen the previews for The Change-Up with Ryan Reynolds and Jason Bateman that is in theatres now. This was one movie Brian was using as a judge of our entertainment qualities. It looks like a hoot and so up our alley. Today I was enlightened, I never imagined how ironic Brian's statement was and what holds true - the judge of quality can't be made from the cover or in this case "the previews".

Here's why:

I do not dwell on the term "developmentally delayed" because it is just that, a term. I do not dwell on the words Down syndrome, because it is just that, words. I do dwell on words and stereotypes that degrade the one person in my world that is beyond terms, words, diagnosis's, stereotypes... It shatters my world when certain words are used as a punch line to a joke and humored because people who have NO CLUE use them to put my son in a place where he doesn't belong. It puts him in a different part of society, why? Why should he be labeled and placed in a different category because of terms or words. Specifically when the individual or in this case many individuals do not know him and obviously never blessed to know someone like him to have any reference of sensibility or sensitivity (or choose not to) on the subject. No one deserves to be laughed at or the butt of someone's despicable joke. When you know or are related to someone with special needs and hateful/hurtful terms are used for a laugh rather then to educate it is down right unacceptable.

Thanks for the heads up McKenna

I think I need to research my entertainment values more carefully... The Change Up won't be on my movie bucket list.

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