Tuesday, September 13, 2011

3 Years Ago

3 years ago I joined a Down syndrome web board community called Downsyn.com. I was a lurker for long time before I finally joined, that was a difficult step to make, to others it may seem so easy to do. But when you are given this blessing of a child so incredible it takes a little while to blossom and reach out to those who share the gift that you have been given. I was welcomed by people from all over the world who I instantly felt were family, they knew the part of my life that nobody else understands - my life of love and laughter, tears and joy, my love of having a child with Down syndrome. This place was a daily escape for me for a long time, my time of learning and understanding. I am not a daily traveler now, but stop in every once in awhile and check up on people. One person I met here is Leah. Leah is the Momma Bear, The Expert, The Go To Gal. I follow her blog Garden of Eagan. She had this video posted this morning, a tribute by one of the daughters of a member of the group, mom's name is Adrienne. Over the years I have followed Adrienne's posts of Russell, of him losing his sight and the challenges that she and he have faced and met head on at every turn, an inspiration she is and she has obviously passed this on to her beautiful daughters. Here is Russell's older sister Regan's video tribute to her brother, I could not help but share, fantastic job Regan! "tissue warning".

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