Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Oh what a beautiful day...

Labor Day Weekend has come and gone for another year and we tried to suck the marrow out of it. We did not travel or have grand plans. Though Asa was adamant he was at the beach! "Beach Momma, My Beach" and how could I suggest anything different...

I have watched my butterfly bush flourish this year. Last year, and I'm not lying, it was a 1/4 of this size! It smells so sweet and the butterflies are bountiful...

So, we're just sittin' back and relaxin', enjoying the last days of summer before the north wind blows and the nights turn crisp with a chill in the air. Preschool has started along with therapy 3 days a week. It is a lot, but we'll just have to get used to the hustle and bustle and make sure we go to bed early!

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  1. asa,you are one cool guy:)

    the butterfly bush looks great,we have one but I think it is at the end of its life b/c this year it did not grow like it usually does, they get pretty big, dont they?

    Funny b/c I dont use the word hustle and bustle often and I just wrote those exact words in a comment to patti only a minute ago:)

    Have a great time at school little guy,

    {{hugs}} what randon comments, LOL


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