Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Such is Life...

Life is never dull, it is full of those moments.

4 vaccines all at once last Thursday - FLU SHOT included in the mix.
  12 hours of trying to tame a 102 fever.
  12 hours of crying.
  12 hours of every 4 hours Tylenol wearing off and rocking until we fell back to sleep.
As the sun rose so did the little man feeling much better, but still punky from a feverish night. When they say vaccines don't make you sick that's a total crock of $#!+.

Yesterday our good neighbor called Brian at work because our smoke detectors kept going off. They are hardwired so when one goes off, they ALL go off. Our neighbor walked around the house but didn't see any smoke (thank God). Well, they do "go off" every once in awhile for short bursts and stop, they didn't stop yesterday. A trip to Home Depot for a fresh pack of batteries and that seemed to do the trick UNTIL... Yup, putting Asa to bed and he was almost asleep - BEEP, BEEEEP, BEEEEEEP. Asa tries to whistle to imitate the sound - LOL Brian comes into Asa's room not so happy and totally bewildered. I told him to go around and see which one is blinking red and that will tell us which one is setting them off. It happened to be the one in the living room, a word of advice for those that have hardwired smoke detectors with battery back-up. It is good to blow or suck the "junk" out of them whenever you replace the batteries. Brian pulled it down and unplugged it, I told him it probably needs to be vacuumed. Well, he shook it and wacked it on his hand. SO MANY BUGS fell out of it! It was nasty, all these little dead dried up bugs. So word to the wise, vacuum out your smoke detectors at least once a year!

Big School, Van, Preschool update;
Asa is doing excellent with his new busy schedule. We go to BIG School (insert the sign for BIG followed by school sign) M, W, F for Therapy, then he rides the van with Greg (insert sign for G at forehead) to Preschool (insert sign for P and then sign for school). He does this all by himself at 4 years old. No Mommy, No Daddy just his excellent team of therapists and teachers. He rides the van with only the driver "Greg". Greg helps him into Preshool (the next town over) but Asa walks through the doors hangs up his own back-pack and goes off to play. Preschool is done at noon, and Brian or Bampie (Grampy) picks him up. He is exhausted by this time and immediately falls asleep in the car on the ride to daycare, but he's doing good and gets a rest after lunch. I'm so proud of my little man and can't believe he's such a big boy...

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  1. such big boy, so glad he is doing so well, even if it is a busy schedule:)


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