Thursday, September 29, 2011

Down syndrome's rewards touted as new test looms

Click for MSNBC news article Positive View Down syndrome's rewards touted as new test looms

"Among 2,044 parents or guardians surveyed, 79 percent reported their outlook on life was more positive because of their child with Down syndrome."

Our lives are normal, our lives are the same chaotic race as the Jones', the Jolie-Pitt's and the Beckam's. If not, our lives are far better then the referenced because the view of the perfect family have not been blessed to live the Super Hero Life. I feel deflated when this topic is brought up - even though this article is the positive views of Down syndrome it reflects the negative as well, it just means that there will be less and less miracles in the world, that the medical community is still trying to control fate and play God's hand. I wish that human kind would leave well enough alone. Let the stars align the way they see fit, that's the way it should be... Myself and my family was chosen and given this blessing of having a child with Down syndrome and I would not trade or change my life for anything. I honestly thank God daily for the gift he has given me cause I have no idea where I'd be with out my angel. I can not imagine it any other way - Perfection is Made with 47 Chromosomes.... The negative views are from the ignorant, who have narrowed their intellect with out researching the truth.
The life of Down syndrome is far better then the life without.

A follow up article to Dr. Brian Stotko's research

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