Monday, October 8, 2012

Decorating on a budget

I love Restoration Hardware - only if I could afford anything out of their catalog! Well, I finally got my chance to decorate with Restoration Hardware and I didn't have to win Powerball to do it!

I have been building a dollhouse for Asa's Kindergarten Class. During Orientation Asa's teacher had mentioned that he was embarrassed to bring out their dollhouse this year because it is in such shambles but the kids love to play with it. If it were a real house the city would slap a big old "CONDEMNED" sticker on the front door. He is such a wonderful teacher and does such great things not only for Asa but each individual child that has passed through his classroom in the past 25 years!

Thanks to my Mom, she bought the kit. I got the fun job of putting it together! You can take that both ways cause it's had it's moments...

This has a window on left that needs to be cut out...
Once I have it complete I'll do a big reveal! That will be after I glue on each individual shingle and stain them! Glue together all the window frames and fit them, that is after I finish painting all the pieces and gingerbread trim that goes all the way around the roof base... It has been fun, thank God it's for 5 year olds that won't notice all the goofs! I'm certainly not a very good finish carpenter - LOL But it looks good from 10 feet away :) :) and the kids will love it!


  1. or the fact your sister glued one of the first pieces on wrong which skewed the whole process!!! I'll help you with the other stuff if you want.

  2. Oh, they will have fun with that! And anything to keep a good teacher teaching! Brownie points all the way!

  3. love it, thats so cute. The kiddos will have a blast with it.

    Love asa's soccer photo in the last post. he is slimming down a lot and has such a big kid look.

    Are you planning on attending the downsed conference in boston? far is that from you?


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